Journey to the past

One year later, we travelled to Indonesia for our honeymoon. We visited the places where we grew up, together with the places where the internment camps once were. It has always been my wish to do this. On 21 April 1992, Easter Tuesday, our plane leaves for our journey to the past at 20 minutes past three!



Jakarta (to us Batavia) was very big. The skyscrapers on the one side of the Pasar Ikan (the fishers market) and the slums on the other side immediately caught our eye. The ring road of Jakarta was extremely busy. Our taxi often stood still during traffic jams. The begging, extremely disabled persons were walking on the pavements, which we noticed more due to the traffic jams.

The Tjideng Camp,

This was the last internment camp for both of us. A broad street was now where the porch used to be, without any gedek! You could just walk right through! On the right side, I was looking for the house with the garage in which I was cared for with the other sick children. A lot of students came out and I told them my story. They were very surprised to hear that they were living in a place that used to be the place of prisoners during WWII. It was an interesting meeting. We were also looking for the house where Jacques used to live with his mother, brother and a couple of families.