My Story

Why this story ?

I would like to leave this story for my readers, now that I still can tell it. I would like to tell about my life in the Dutch colony, Dutch Indonesia. In Dutch history there is little about those 300 years. Maybe we can learn for the present about the mistakes that were made there?

I would like to tell about how we moved from a free jungle existence to barbed wire because of the Japanese occupation. And how white and brown people suffered as a result. Paradise changed into a hell. Then we were liberated and moved to the Netherlands, where so many died young. The past has an influence about our further lives.


It wasn’t easy to cope with our interrupted education and we had to deal with a different way of life. In the Netherlands they weren’t expecting to integrate these Indonesians. The focus in the Netherlands was on reconstruction after the war with Germany. The political climate in the Netherlands was such that the shame about the colonial past was focused on the descendants of the employees of the Dutch Government who worked there.

The Netherlands was enriched by the colonies and the Dutch Indies developed as well. So much of that was lost after the war with Japan. The economic interests of the trade with Japan also played a role in all of this.



Sukkaboemi On December 16, 1933, I was born in the Lidwina hospital in Soekaboemi. This hospital was then cared for by nuns. Now the hospital has been taken over by the state and the nuns no longer work there. They still reside in the monastery next to it. The nuns are still working in other professions.

I was the fourth daughter after Trees, Nel and Wies and Claartje came after me.

Vacination proof, Lidy Schrijnen (gehuwd Movig) te Soekaboemi, 1933

Mrs. Movig was a doctor and her husband was a judge. They were good friends of Pierre and Nel. She helped all five of us be born.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor lidwina ziekenhuis soekaboemi

Lidwina Ziekenhuis, Soekaboemi