Genus: Cinchona

Family: Rubiacene

Capsule, containing approx. 25 pl. Seeds

History: Countess del Cinchon, husband of the Viceroy of Peru ( c. 1600 ) Juan de Lugo, Cardinal S.J. from 1583-1660

"Polvo de la Condesa"
" Pulvis Cardinalis"

1738 Boom became known through the French botanist, de la Condamine.

Species described and classified: C. Officinalis; C. Calisaya;

C. Ledgeriana Moens ( later)
C. Pahudiana (G.G.)
C. Succirubra.

1820 Pelletier Caventon separates quinine for the first time

The French government got cinchona seed in 1850, tried in Algiers- everything dead.

Leiden received a plant from Paris, and was sent to Java in 1851. Cuttings grew in Tjibodas (one of the three botanical gardens), no descendants known.

In 1854, Hasskarl delivered the first 75 living plants to Java. Forest culture Tjiniroean, after failures on Lembang. Jumghun, Governorate Sukase. Leoger 2 pounds of seed.

England selection... NI selection

Planting and: 1867 sowing of the first high-yielding seed on Tjiniroean.Determination of temperature limits: 13.5 C. - max. 21.1 C.

Rainfall: 2 – 3000 mm.Moisture content: 68- 97 % ..

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a drawing of a drawing of a man's handwritten