The family name Schrijnen, as seen in the family tree, first appeared in Limburg during the Austrian Netherlands. A certain Schrijnen was a Honderdman (official responsible for a hundred households) for Count Nouailles, who served under Emperor Joseph II of Austria. The name of the first Schrijnen in the Netherlands appears on a deed of purchase for a house in Maastricht.

We further know that the Schrijnens held many public positions in Venlo, such as mayor and alderman. This family also produced several clergy members, such as Mgr. Laurentius, bishop of Roermond, and Jos Schrijnen, the founder and first Rector Magnificus of the Catholic University of Nijmegen. The pharmacist P. Schrijnen, father of Pierre Schrijnen, was a brother of Mgr. Laurentius, and upon his premature death, Laurentius became Pierre's guardian, my father.

It is interesting that in the Schrijnen family, the love for Pharmacy has always been great. Thus, Pierre's grandfather, Adriaan Schrijnen, was already a pharmacist in Venlo. Pierre's father was a pharmacist in Amsterdam and later became the president of the Department of Pharmacy in the Netherlands.

Pierre's uncle, Denis, and his son Pierre Antoon were pharmacists in Venlo, and Pierre's brother-in-law Ignatius in Oldenzaal, as well as many others in that family, were also pharmacists. My older sister, Trees, also obtained a pharmacy assistant diploma. Pierre was born on May 16, 1899 in Amsterdam, as the last and 7th child of Pierre Schrijnen and Alida Stallinga.

Door Pierre Schrijnen
Door Pierre Schrijnen