Journey to the past

And a year later, we made our honeymoon trip to Indonesia. We visited the places where we grew up and the locations of the camps. This had always been my wish, to do this someday. On April 21, 1992, Easter Monday, our plane took off at 3:20 AM to begin our journey to the past!

a map of the area of the area
a map of the area of the area

Jakarta (formerly known as Batavia to us) was very extensive. Striking were the skyscrapers on one side and the slums on the other side, near the Pasar Ikan, the fish market. The ring road around Jakarta was extremely busy. Our taxi frequently came to a standstill in traffic. This made you extra aware of extremely deformed invalids walking on the sidewalk, sometimes accompanied, begging.

The Tjideng camp, for both of us the last camp. Where the gate used to be, now a wide street, open, no cover! Just walk through!

On the right side, I looked for the house with the garage, where I was nursed with other sick children. Students came out and I told them about it. They were very surprised to hear that they were living in a place where prisoners were held during World War II. It was an interesting encounter. We also looked for the house where Jacques lived with his mother, brother, and several families.